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Session Brief

Drumchapel St. Andrew's Parish Church Council Brief, Winter 2019

                                         Invitation to Communion

The next Communion Service is on Sunday 3rd March 2019 at 11am.

The attendance at the December Communion Service was 56.

At this time of the year as well as looking forward to Spring with longer days and new flowers appearing you look back over the past year. I have been doing a lot of reminiscing lately and I remember when Communion services in our church were very formal and somewhat intimidating. The male only Elders processed into the church in formal morning suits from the main door down the aisle to the chancel and took their place. There was also a degree of preparation and you had to be ‘prepared’ for the service you had to be a member of the church over 18 to receive Communion. Thankfully we are far more relaxed now and even have young people serving the elements of bread and wine as well as taking communion. This is to signify that everyone is part of our church family and that is only right because you would not exclude anyone from sharing a meal at home so it is important that everyone participates in our Lord’s special meal.

At the Council meeting on 4th February 2019 the important issues discussed included; -

Fire Alarm. John will be setting off the alarm sometime soon so people will know what it sounds like. He will give a warning. Meantime familiarize yourself where the fire exits in the buildings are.

S Club. Elaine and Eleanor have stepped down as leaders and were warmly thanked for all they have done for our young people over so many years. Judith and Shona will now join Kirsteen and George as leaders and are looking forward to the challenge. There have been several new youngsters joining recently and they are warmly welcomed.

Whiting Bay. A letter from the Session Clerk from Arran was read out formally bring to an end our Twinning arrangement. Like very many churches they have an aging congregation and have decided to concentrate on more direct issues affecting their church. There are still several individuals who wish to maintain contact and we plan to visit the island in the summer and catch up.

3D Drumchapel. 3D is our Christian outreach arm to support families in our parish and Drumchapel as a whole. A letter was read out in church from the Project Manager thanking the congregation for the generous donation for books for the children at Christmas.

The Moderator of the Church of Scotland is to visit 3D in March and learn all about the project and the great work that is done.

Projectors. You will have noticed that the right-hand screen in church is not as clear as it should be. There is a purplish halo behind the words, and images when film clips are shown are not clear. There have been comments that the projection is quite dark although this is partly due to our church being so bright. The company that installed the system told us that the projectors are nearing the end of their working life and we have decided that we should replace both. They have been a valuable and enlightening part of our services and film nights for 8-9 years. The technology has moved on so we look forward to our replacements.

Rainbow Boxes. Thanks again to all who use the boxes to pop loose change in; this special appeal is to help with our finances and our big repair bills such as the repair to the ceiling in the church. Gift aid envelopes will also be available to claim tax relief on any donation. Please contact John or Caroline for more information about how to get a box. Every little helps.

Web Site. This is up and running and is up dated regularly. We are in the process of introducing a ‘news page’ where we can post important information and keep everyone informed. If you have not yet looked at the site please do and pass on your comments. Just type Drumchapel St.Andrews Church into Google and there you are.

Property.   As you can see from the scaffolding the work has started on the nursery roof and will continue throughout February and possibly into March. Unfortunately, one of the workers was injured on the roof when a roll of material fell on him and injured his back. The fire brigade had to lift him off the roof into an ambulance. The papers dramatized the story somewhat saying he fell through the roof but this was not the case. The worker is recuperating at home.

Other work includes repair to the church roof and repair of the resulting damage and hopefully that will be completed soon. Yet again a careless driver has damaged to post supporting our chain across the driveway and Bobby will arrange for it to be replaced. The chain is there to restrict parking to people attending meetings and services in the Church and to minimize damage to the driveway by heavy vehicles using it as a parking lot.


Bequests. The Church Council are in the process of deciding on how we should make the best use of recent bequests and some of the suggestions include the replacement or the church carpet (as far as we can determine it is the original one when the church was built), some decoration and the manse windows.

If you have any comments about what we should use the money for please get in touch.

Parish Assistant. Our new Parish Assistant Caroline MacPhee is now in post and we welcomed her to her first Council meeting. Caroline reported that she has been made really welcome and was enjoying being part of our church family. Carolyn has started visiting some of the congregation and has visited a church project in the South side. We look forward to having Caroline as part of the team.

New Council Members. As well as Caroline, who as a Church of Scotland employee is automatically a member, Julie Campbell, Mairi Campbell and Jonny Thomson were elected to Council. We look forward to their contribution to church business.

Church Statistics. Every January I have to send Glasgow Presbytery certain Statistics about our church over the last year. Stats can be misleading when used for comparisons and we decided some time ago not to have ‘Members’ which included people on the roll who take no active part or indeed interest in the church; rather we would only include those who have an active ‘belonging’ to our church.

In 2018 we started with 143 belonging and this increased by 2 but was sadly reduced by 7 deaths, leaving 138. There were 5 baptisms, 3 weddings and 19 funerals. We had 29 Council Members. We were also asked for an age breakdown of those attending worship but being a gentleman, I refused to divulge ages. We have approximately 50 attending every Sunday with more at special services.


Conclusion. If you have anything you wish the Council to discuss, it might be a complaint or suggestions for improvement, please get in touch. The next business meeting is on the 1st April.

Please continue to pray for the Church and for yourselves; to know you care makes difficult decisions and situations easier. Many thanks for your support.

God bless,

Henry M. Smith,

Session Clerk.

We warmly welcome Molly Brooks, who joins our church family as a Young Adult Volunteer.
Molly is from St.Simon's Island, Georgia, USA and will be with us for a year, working as part of our ministry team and at 3D Drumchapel.
Wishing you every happiness in your time here Molly!

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