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                                       Council Brief, Winter 2019

                                         Invitation to Communion

The next Communion Service is on Sunday 1st December 2019 at 11am.

The October Communion is normally held on the first Sunday in October but John was on an exciting adventure in India and the Lord’s Supper service and Communion needs to be led and served by an ordained Minister so we held the service on the 20th of October. A first for the Communion service was the change to gluten free bread to accommodate those people who have a gluten intolerance and although we only get a small piece comments on the taste were all favourable. The attendance although was the lowest I can recall, only 46, this was perhaps because it was the last weekend of the school October week and some families were on holiday.

John told us about his holiday and showed some photographs of the retreat in India and the conference he attended. He found it inspirational and enjoyed meeting delegates from around the world. The long journey, flying to Dubai, then flying on to India followed by a five-hour taxi journey (fortunately taxis are a lot cheaper there) to the mountain retreat and conference Centre was well worth the effort.

At the Council meeting on the 21st of October 2019 the important issues discussed included; -

Attendance. The numbers attending church have been dropping over a period and it was decided that this was a cause of concern and Council agreed to discuss the fall in numbers at our next meeting on the 2nd of December. This is not just a local or Church of Scotland issue, numbers attending worship in mainstream churches are dropping everywhere.

Our Church is a fabulous place because we have fabulous people and this is where we need everyone’s help and opinion. If you have any thoughts, and I’m sure you will, as to why there has been a fall in people attending church, or any ideas how we can increase numbers please speak to any of the elders. If you would be happier giving your reasons and ideas in confidence just jot down your thoughts and pop it in an envelope marked for my attention and leave it on the table at the back of the church. Thank you for your support.

Fire Risk Plan: The Fire Service have advised on some actions that we require including installing lighting at the exit routes from the halls and this will be installed soon. The muster point, should the alarm sound, is the War Memorial on Garscadden Road outside the front of the church. All fire exits must be kept clear if you see anything on a Sunday in the way of an exit please bring it to the attention of the duty team or if you are attending anything in the evening tell the organizer.

We will need to appoint Fire Marshals to ensure everyone leaves the buildings and help anyone with mobility issues and this information will communicated on notices.

Clean up. Thanks to everyone who helped with the clean up over the summer and thanks to Caroline for organizing. The painting of the halls and corridors and other bits and pieces has now been completed and the church is looking great and welcoming. Thanks again to Caroline for project managing the work.

Finance: Various items had been completed and paid for over the summer including manse re-wiring, new carpet in the church, church and hall re-decorating and a new curtain for the stage in the hall. The extra rent from the nursery is making a difference and Carolyn is hoping that we may be able to build up some finance for our reserves. The social budget recently set up has not yet been used but there is a small bill outstanding for sandwiches for the last church lunch. We have cancelled the church phone line and internet connection because it only worked in the office, due to the thick walls you could not get a signal anywhere else. It has been replaced with a mobile internet which is more flexible and costs less. We are grateful to Steven Hay for recouping a few hundred pounds by selling various items disposed of during the big clean-up campaign. John also managed to reclaim the VAT on the £85K cost of the repair to the Youth Wing roof.

The £13K was offered to the back to the General trustees who provided the grant for the roof and they told us to retain the amount.

Re-Allocation of our Halls and Offices: Now that the decoration is completed Caroline is looking to source some furniture and fittings to make the small hall more suitable for the S-Club and the office for the Smarties and creche. This room will still need to be used for some office function and the count on a Sunday.

The S-Club space in the Youth Wing is now empty and will be used by the My Little Fishes Nursery.

Parish Assistant. Caroline and Molly organised a successful activity afternoon on the 27th of October and among some of the activities was the crafting of poppies for our Remembrance Day service at 10:50 on Sunday 10th November.

Property Report. Bobby Little continues to carry out routine maintenance for us and the main outstanding work is our Manse which requires re-decoration following the recent re-wiring.

Heart and Voice. Irene Walker has been producing the weekly Heart and Voice and Hymn sheet and has decided to step down and I am happy to report that Margaret McDonald will take over the production.

Ceilidh. The next family ceilidh is on the 29th of November and fish suppers will be ordered on the night. It was decided that this event will be free for everyone and paid for from the social fund.

Christmas books for 3D. At this time of the year we rely on the generosity of everyone in the church to give every child attending the project a book for Christmas. Sarah Jane from 3D and Church will formally launch the appeal on the 24th of November. If you would like to donate one or more books at a suggested cost of £10 per book, a list of the Children’s names will be at the front of the church, please give the money to John, Caroline or myself. You have been very generous in the past and may I thank you in advance for helping this year.

Advent. December is an important time in our church so please make every effort to attend the December Communion on the 1st of December which falls during Advent; the four weeks from the Sunday nearest to the 30th November to Christmas. Advent means 'Coming' in Latin. This is the coming of Jesus into the world. No one is really sure when Advent was first celebrated but it dates back to at least the year 567 when monks were ordered to fast during December leading up to Christmas. Some people still fast during advent to help them concentrate on preparing to celebrate Jesus's coming. Definitely not for me !!

Conclusion. If you have anything you wish the Council to discuss, it might be a complaint or suggestions for improvement, please get in touch. The next business meeting is on the 2nd of December 2019.

Please continue to pray for the Church and for yourselves; to know you care makes difficult decisions and situations easier. Many thanks for your support.

God bless,

Henry M. Smith,

Session Clerk.

We warmly welcome Molly Brooks, who joins our church family as a Young Adult Volunteer.
Molly is from St.Simon's Island, Georgia, USA and will be with us for a year, working as part of our ministry team and at 3D Drumchapel.
Wishing you every happiness in your time here Molly!

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