Weddings, Baptism and Funerals

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8 pexels photo 230290We will be very happy to help you to celebrate your wedding, whether at Drumchapel St.Andrew’s or at another venue.

If you belong to the church family, or have a close connection with the church family, the minister will be happy to be part of your wedding service.

If you have no church connection, we will be happy to conduct your wedding if you live within the area we cover as a parish church. Please call the minister for confirmation of the area we cover. If you live outwith our area, the minister will give you contact details for the minister of your local church.

Please contact the minister prior to arranging a date for your wedding. The minister may have other commitments, and an early conversation about date will save disappointment.

Once a date is organised, the minister will talk with you about the service. We will try to accommodate your wishes to make your day exactly the way you want it, and are open to your input into the structure and content of the service.

The minister will talk with you about promises, music, songs, readings, as well as practical arrangements.

Please see wedding checklist below… which also gives details of legal requirements.

The minister will give you details of current church fees when you make contact.

A rehearsal will be arranged for the week before your wedding.

Unfortunately, as yet, the Church of Scotland has not made it possible for us to conduct weddings for same-sex couples (which we are incredibly disappointed about), but we will be happy to offer a service of blessing for weddings/civil partnerships.

Drumchapel St.Andrew's Church

Wedding Checklist

  • Wedding Schedule (Registration Office, 45 John St.) (Apply for Notice of Marriage 12 weeks before wedding)     *** Without this, your wedding cannot take place.

  • (Application must be made not later than 29 days before wedding.)
    This form can be downloaded from website. ( 

  • Minister confirmed

  • Church confirmed (date & time)

  • Hotel

  • Cars

  • Photographer/video (Contact John for what is OK)

  • Please discuss role of photographer during ceremony with minister. It is important that you do this to save any misunderstandings on your wedding day.

  • Flowers (contact Rina 944-1715) for access to Church

  • Music

  • Drumchapel St.Andrew’s will supply an organist for your wedding service. You will be given a note of their details in plenty of time to contact them about choice of music. You should contact the organist as soon as you are given their details. Organist’s fees are listed below.

    As an alternative, if you wish, we will be happy to play recorded music for you. (We have all the traditional marches available.) The Church will organise someone to play the music you choose, requesting only a donation. If you choose this option, you may provide CDs with your own choice of music to be played before and after the service.

  • Songs chosen/*song sheets printed

  • Best man/best maid; ushers

  • Church fees will increase in January of each year. Fee payable will be the fee for the year in which the wedding takes place, regardless of when the booking was made.

  • Please contact minister for details of current wedding fees.                                             


9 pexels photo 733881Baptism, or christening, is a really important celebration for our church family.

It is a symbol of belonging, and it feels very significant for those who are part of our church family.

There is no “right age” for baptism… while some people look for baptism while a baby is still young, baptism is just as appropriate for children and even adults. The significant thing about baptism is in its sense of belonging.

If you would like baptism for your child or for yourself, we will ask you to think about becoming involved in the church family (if you aren’t already). This will make the symbolism – and the service – more meaningful for you.

Baptism is for those who belong to the church family, or who have a close connection with the church family.

As a parish church, we are also happy to conduct baptism services for those who live within our area. Please call the minister for confirmation of the area we cover. If you live outwith our area, the minister will give you contact details for the minister of your local church. If you have no church involvement at present, we will encourage you to attend church prior to baptism service, so you can see if we are a good fit for you.

Baptisms take place during our normal church services at 11am.

Please contact the minister to arrange a suitable date.

We appreciate that there are people who have no desire to become part of the church, but feel that the arrival of a new baby is something they would like to celebrate in a deeper/spiritual way. We are happy to share this occasion with you by offering a service of blessing for your child. Services of blessing are normally held on a Sunday afternoon, not as part of our normal church service.

Contact John for more information on 944-4566.



10 pexels photo 269583We appreciate a time of bereavement is particularly difficult, and that for many people, the procedures are unfamiliar.

A helpful first step is usually to contact an undertaker/funeral director, who will help you through the process.

The minister or parish assistant of Drumchapel St.Andrew’s church will make every effort to be available to conduct funerals for those who belong to the church family.

When organising a funeral, please ask the undertaker to contact the minister (944-4566) before organising a date or time. The minister and assistant have other commitments, some of which cannot be changed at short notice. Early contact with the minister will mean a suitable date/time can be agreed.

The minister or assistant will arrange to meet with you to talk about the service.

Funerals for people who live in the Drumchapel area who have no church connection are covered on a rota basis by a number of Drumchapel ministers.

Please see below for details of current rota. Your funeral director will have contact details for each of these people.

If the person who has died lives outwith the Drumchapel area, we will do our best to give you contact details for the minister of your local church.


Drumchapel Funeral Rota 2018

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Feb – Jack Campbell

Mar – William Young

Apr – Audrey Jamieson     

May – John Purves

Jun – Rod Cox

Jul – William Young

Aug – Jack Campbell

Sept – George Mitchell    

Oct – Audrey Jamieson

Nov – John Purves

Dec – George Mitchell

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